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Fuel Containers

Meeting your petroleum product needs

Meeting our customers’ needs for more than 50 years

By offering automatic fill services, budget payment plans, cash discounts and quantity discounts, we are well-equipped to meet our customers’ needs. If you’re looking for the leader in gas and petroleum services, and the complimentary materials, look no further than Cason Oil.

We do it all

We service the areas marked in orange

 •   Fuel oil

 •   Kerosene

 •   Gasoline

 •   Lubricants

 •   Hwy and non-hwy diesel fuels

 •   Discounts and budget plans available. Learn more.

Count on us to provide the service you deserve. Honest, experienced and reliable, we’ll make you proud to do business with us. Let us prove it

to you.

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We deliver throughout the orange highlighted area and make sure you have fuel when you need it. You can count on our prompt and efficient delivery. Your oil service is in good hands with us. We deliver throughout the Tri-County area and make sure you have fuel when you need it.